Tube Audio Design TAD-150 Preamp

Let’s start with one of my main passions. Audio! You could call me an audiophile. I’m in pursuit of reproducing a record or CD in the way it was intended/recorded. I was turned onto tube gear about 11yrs ago, and don’t think i’ll ever turn back to solid state. There’s just something special about a good tube amp/preamp. The first piece i want to share with you is my Tube Audio Design TAD-150 Preamp. The story behind this one…

This pre was designed by Paul Gryzbek out of Illinois. He was extremely knowledgeable about all things tube designed. He was also a extremely friendly guy. You could call and talk to him about anything audio related and he was happy to talk to you about it. Unfortunately he passed away in 2012. The audio world lost a great man. With that his pieces won’t be made anymore, so i’d highly advise if you run across one of his amps/pre’s on the used market to grab it quickly! It won’t disappoint, and i’m sure they will only go up in price.

This is his signature modded preamp. It uses a pair of 12AT7 tubes, but it’s very flexible, so it can use 12AX7 or 12BH7′s as well. I’m using a pair of NOS Sylvania 12AT7′s in this one to very good response. It has 4 inputs. CD – Aux 1 – Aux 2 – Phono. Supports both MM and MC phono. Also comes with a remote to control volume/mute and input.

I’ll add a more in depth review to this later. For now enjoy the pics of this beauty. If you have any questions about it, leave a comment, i’d be happy to answer them for you.


6 thoughts on “Tube Audio Design TAD-150 Preamp

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  2. Does anyone have thoughts on where to get a replacement power transformer for this pre-amp? Mine has stopped working. Appreciate any leads.


  3. Hey Brian, noticed you your avatar over at AK with the 150 and 60 stacked. Would you recommend this? I have a 150 on the way and have some guys who have told me they wouldn’t do it. Thanks!

  4. I have 150 signature and the 1000 monos. I really liked Paul. Always happy to help. I also have his original tube dac. It is wonderfull. Look for any version you can find.

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